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Is There More Risk in China For Brands Than Before?

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Women’s Wear Daily recently reported that 70 percent of Chinese feel apparel from international brands is more fashionable than Chinese labels and that 62 percent feel outside brands have a better overall reputation than those from China, according to data … Continue reading

Do small brands have a chance to establish themselves in China?

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The luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton have easily entered the Chinese market. This is not the case of small brands which have seen their Chinese dream stopped dead. We will see why thanks to the Italian … Continue reading

Luxury in China Loses Lustre as Wealthy Flee

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Dior store in Beijing | Source: Shutterstock HONG KONG, China — Wealthy Chinese are likely to buy fewer luxury goods again this year after the steepest cut-back on spending in at least five years, changing the game for high-end retailers like … Continue reading